Merlin Gerin

Merlin Gerin

In 1920, Paul-Louis Merlin and Gaston Gerin created the Merlin Gerin Company and, in 1921, introduced the world's first range of high voltage, oil circuit breakers. Over the next 70 years, the strength of the MERLIN GERIN brand grew as the company expanded its operations worldwide.

Key MERLIN GERIN innovations include the pneumatically operated circuit breaker, the first 245,000 volt Hexabloc metal clad substation, the MULTI-9™ range of low voltage circuit breakers, the MASTERPACT® molded case circuit breaker, and the COMPACT™ NS circuit breaker. in 1992, Schneider Electric completed the acquisition of Merlin Gerin. Today, MERLIN GERIN remains a leading international brand in IEC type electrical circuit protection products.

C60 - C120 - ID

Modular circuit-breakers up to 63A - C60, Add-on RCD - Vigi for C60, Modular circuit-breakers up to 125A - C120, Add-on RCD - Vigi for C120, Residual current circuit breakers up to 125A - ID-RCCB, Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs - Optional auxiliaries, Circuit Breaker Padlocking Auxiliary - Multi 9 Lock

RCCB with overcurrent protection - DPN Vigi, Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs - Optional auxiliaries

High performances modular circuit breakers - NG125, Add-on RCD - Vigi for NG125, Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs - Optional auxiliaries for NG125
Motor protection

Motor circuit-breaker up to 25A - P25M, Motor starter circuit-breaker up to 63A - C60L-MA, Motor starter circuit-breaker up to 125A - NG125L-MA
IEC Surge arresters

Type 1 surge arresters - PRF1, PRD1, PRF1 Master, PRD1 Master, Communication networks surge arresters - PRC, PRI, Multi 9 Surge Protection Devices - PRD AU
Control & command

Modular switch-disconnectors/isolators - I, Modular Contactors - CT, Impulse relay - TL, Interface relays - RLI - RBN - RTBT, Push buttons, changeover switches - BP - CM, Light indicators, bells and buzzers - V, SO, RO

Multi 9 GFP Ground-fault Protectors

For equipment ground-fault protection from 30 mA to 300 mA.Multi 9™ GFP Ground-fault Protectors help reduce downtime needed to repair equipment by detecting low-level ground faults before they cause damage. They automatically open the circuit when a ground fault detected between a phase and ground is greater than 30, 100, or 300 mA.


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